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Cities in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has al large number of beautiful cities and little cities you will hear more about it from your Guide Jan. There is more in the world than Amsterdam alone. Like your guide Jan always says. When you only have seen Amsterdam you do not have seen anything of the Netherlands jet.


Art,history and museum

Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Frans Hals, Dutch architecture. It all belongs to the Netherlands like water does. Often made in what the Dutch call their golden age "De Gouden Eeuw"(the 17th century) During our tours you hear about it by your guide Jan


Dutch Icons

Cheese, raw fish,tullips, wooden shoes, art, water,cities themes certainly pass by during our tours.



The battle against water is an equivalent for the Netherlands. 1/3 of the land surface is below sea level. Your Guide Jan will show you more about it during our tours where water plays a major role



By its craft you learn more about the culture of a country. Some of these crafts can be seen and heard about it from your guide Jan at Zaanse schans.


Dutch Culture

The Dutch language, the directness of the Dutch, liberation day at May 5. Anne Frank and the hiding of the Jews. Festivities as "Koningsdag". Scating and Soccer you will all hear about it during your tour with guide Jan.



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