Cows, Cheese and Clogs with guide Jan

Because the Dutch polders are reclaimed land, and therefore below sea level, the groundwaterlevel is high so only grass can grow well.

Cows eat that grass and produce milk, the Dutch transform the milk into cheese.

Clogs come in handy when milking cows: they are strong, waterproof and affordable.

That is why The Netherlands is known for cows and cheese and clogs!

EXCURSION Gouda Delight

In Gouda we will sample different types of cheese and learn how cheese is made. After this savory start we will concentrate on sweet Gouda stroopwafels. Finally we will admire the ‘Goudse Glazen’, the famous stained glass windows in the Sint Jans Kerk.

  • Price €43 pp
  • Group size 4-10 people
  • Duration of the excursion 4 hours
  • Included: certified guide, cheese tasting, Goudse Wafels workshop, entrance ticket to Sint Jans Kerk

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