Excursion Van Gogh museum with Guide Jan

In the Van Gogh Museum you will discover al kind of things about Vincent Van Gogh. You will get an insight in what makes his work and life so special. You will hear how Van Gogh reacted on works of other Painters in the Rijksmuseum especially Rembrandt and Frans Hals. Works he has seen and written about it to his brother Theo. He appreciated  the painterly solutions of fellow painters and learned from them.

Letters and paintings

During his short life, Van Gogh sold only a single work. All his life he was supported by his brother Theo. The collection therefore remained almost completely in the Van Gogh family for many years. Eventually it was sold to the state for 15 million euros. The Van Gogh collection also includes the many letters Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo and hundreds of drawings. The family had one condition: a Van Gogh Museum had to be built. At the time of the opening, it was assumed that the Van Gogh Museum would attract 350,000 visitors per year. Now it attracts 1.3 million visitors a year  from all over the world!

Living in France

Vincent Van Gogh lived a large part of his short life in France from 1853 until his death in 1890. He started painting in Nuenen in Brabant, and stayed briefly in the Bourinage Belgium, in England, in Antwerp and in Paris. He eventually settled in the village of Auvers sur Oise, where he also found his final resting place. His brother Theo is buried next to him.

EXCURSION Vincent van Gogh

While viewing this artist’s work in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, you can see and experience what the artist had in mind when he made his works. City Guide Jan talks about the theory of colour theory and how Van Gogh studied it extensively and wrote about it in his letters.

  • Costs €49 pp
  • Group size 4-10 people
  • Duration of the excursion 2,5 hours
  • Included: certified guide, use of the whisper system, entrance to the Van Gogh museum, coffee or tea in the museum café

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