Excursion Mauritshuis with guide Jan

The former palace home of Johan van Nassau Siegen in The Hague is now the Mauritshuis: a small, accessible museum. The Mauritshuis has an impressive collection of 17th century paintings, the Dutch ‘Golden Age’ heritage.

Famous are ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and ‘View of Delft’ by Vermeer and the group portrait ‘The Anatomical Lesson’ by Rembrandt.

Other well-known paintings are ‘The Goldfinch’ by Johan Fabricius, ‘The Bull’ by Paulus Potter and works by Rubens, Jan Steen and Frans Hals.

EXCURSION Rembrandt and Vermeer

In the 17th century only limited color pigments were available, but nevertheless these exceptional works were created. Your guide will tell you all about about the artists’ use of colors, perspective and techniques.

  • Price €55 pp
  • Group size 4-10 people
  • Duration of the excursion 2,5 hours
  • Included: certified guide, use of whisper system, entranceticket Mauritshuis



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