World War II  with guide Jan

The Netherlands hoped to maintain a neutral position, but on May 10th 1940 Nazi Germany declared war on the Netherlands and invaded the country. In the same month, a bombardement completely destroyed the city center of Rotterdam. The government city of The Hague was also affected. The persecution of Jews in Amsterdam and other cities in the country is an all-time low in our national history.

World War II plays an important role in Dutch culture, with Remembrance Day on May 4th and Liberation Day on May 5th, and is manifest in many memorials and honorary cemeteries around the country.

You will visit battle sites and assembly points for deportation of prisoners. Your guide will tell you all about the background, onset and consequences of this horrific war.

 EXCURSION  Cycle tour The Hague in WW II

The Hague was the seat of the Dutch government, even during wartime. Seys Inquart was Hitler’s deputy in the Netherlands. The Hague had a seaport, Scheveningen, and was therefore included in the heavily-armed Atlantik Wall. This was a chain of bunkers defending  the North Sea coast, ranging from the South of France to the North of Norway. Ports were additionally reinforced to prevent the Allies from supplying their troops with ammunition and petrol.

You will see bunkers in Scheveningen and Kijkduin. You will visit the area where the Nazis dug an anti-tank bulwark of 10 kilometres long and 1 km wide, obliterating existing buildings.

  • Price €49 pp
  • Group size 4-10 people
  • Duration of the excursion 3 hours
  • Included: certified guide, use of whisper system, entrance ticket to bunkers, rental bicycle

EXCURSION The bombing of Rotterdam

In May 1940 a 10-minute German bombardment completely destroyed the city-center of Rotterdam: explosive bombs caused violent firestorms.

There are still reminders of the Second World War in Rotterdam. The outline of the fire and destruction area has been marked throughout the city and you will follow that route  during a city walk whilst your guide tells you the history of Rotterdam in wartime. Subsequently you will visit the exhibition 1940-1945 NOW in the Museum ’40 -’45 Rotterdam.

  • Price €35 pp
  • Group size 4-10 people
  • Duration of the excursion 3 hours
  • Included: certified guide, use of whisper system, city walk, entrance ticket to Museum Rotterdam ‘40 -45’

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