Half a day 200 Euro 21% VAT tax included.

Full day reduction price

Walkingtours 20 pax max. Number of  buspax no limitations

Tailor made Guidework


Always Tailor Made

Our work is always tailormade. Each tour is adjusted to the wishes of the customer. No negotiation about the price. Keep in mind that a hairdresser for ladies costs 100 euro each time There are 10 times more hairdressers than guides in Den Haag or Amsterdam. You require a tailormade tour not an instap tour.

The municipality of Amsterdam requires “group restrictions of 15 persons” walking tours in the innercity of Amsterdam. Touring cars are no longer allowed in the city center.

For new customers we demand payment up front.

We regret to have to do this, but experience has forced us to do so.

We never purchase tickets beforehand unless they have been paid in full. This also applies to all other bookings.

Should you have paid too much, you will be reimbursed afterwards.

Regarding food and drink bookings the same applies. Drinks will be bought off or paid by you afterwards.

Should extra guides be needed or should there be a lot of work in fixing a program, an organising fee will be prearranged.

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