Brick laying with guide Jan

Why do we use bricks for building?

The answer has two sides to it. Reason one is the humid climate in the Netherlands. Reason two is we do not have bluestone in our country so cannot build with that.

Besides some marl in the South the Netherlands doesn’t have any natural stones. Due to the rivers there is clay in abundance which after baking can be used for brick laying.


Which other countries don’t have naturalstone?

The Netherlands and Bangladesh are the only countries in the world where there is hardly any naturalstone. If you do see stone for example in a church, it is imported and therefore expensive. In the rest of the world bluestone is available and used for building.

What does the Dutchmen use for his building activities?

Bricks are used for any kind of wall and also for our streets. In the Dutch cities and villages you will not see any electricity cables above ground. Did you notice this?

Where are our bricks produced?

Our bricks come from the East of the Netherlands along the rivers Rijn and IJssel close by Arnhem. More than enough clay in this area.

Where can you see the types of bricks?

A pallet of bricklaying possibilities can be seen in the Openlucht Museum in Arnhem. Besides this you just have to look around you in the streets. You just need to open your eyes to the variations.

Can I practice bricklaying anywhere?

Always wanted to try your hand at brick laying? You can do so with Tourist Guide Holland.

Tourist Guide Holland can take you to some local places where brick laying is taught. And you can have a go yourself.

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