Stonemasonry with guide Jan

Ancient crafts are still be practised in many places in the Netherlands.

You and your group can visit them. Craftsman love talking about their own special trade.

Stonemasonry is one of those crafts.

In the Netherlands bluestone from Belgium is worked with a hammer and a chisel.

Type chiselling, why do you do that?

This is a very specific expertise of stonemasons. In the past stonemasons drew and chiselled 100 types a day to make a bluestone memorial headstone. In modern days the computer helps us a lot. However, the actual chiselling is still done by hand.

Visit a masonry?

Tourist Guide Holland can organise this for you. You can try your hand at masonry and see if you have talent. An activity for teambuilding too.


Tourist Guide Holland can organise a day of masonry for you with explanation about bluestone and having a go yourself.

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