Kroller Muller and Palace Het Loo with Guide Jan

In the Eastern part of the country Kröller Muller offers you a large collection of Van Gogh’s. Besides they also have other modern paintings of the Style,  Impressionist, Expressionist and Cubist periods. They were collected by Helene Kröller Muller. They also have an impressive collection of modern sculptures that is displayed outside in the park. You can visit the Hubertus Slot too. This is a gesamt artwork designed by Berlage. Really worthwhile.

Palace het Loo

In Apeldoorn, also in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, palace het Loo lies, a former palace of Koning Stadhouder Willem III (the English King William and Mary). This museum and former palace offers the whole history of the royal family, the Oranges. Wilhemina was the last inhabitant. The garden was restored in the eighties back to the French Baroque garden it once was.

Other museums

Every town has a number of them, such as the Gemeente Museum in The Hague, the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Teijlers in Haarlem and the ROM in Leiden and more.

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