Dutch Art, Architecture and History

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Art and architecture are part of the Netherlands. A lot of art was made in the Golden Age (17th century) by amongst others Rembrandt and Vermeer and many more. Modern artists such as Van Gogh, Mondriaan and more can also be enjoyed in our museums.

Jan Vijftigschild can offer you lectures and guided tours in the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Het Kroller Muller, the Mauritshuis, the Gemeentemuseum and may others.

Planning and building

Planning and building are part of the Dutch heritage due to winning land from the sea. Some very special architecture can be admired in the Netherlands. It is a small country and many places can easily be visited in one day.

Dutch History

VOC, the Oranges, the first republic in the world, 4 English wars, Pilgrim fathers, 2nd World War, there is a lot of history there. Histories can generally be found in museums. The most famous museums are the Rijks, Van Gogh, Mauritshuis, Gemeente Museum in The Hague, Kröller Muller on the Veluwe or the Palace het Loo. Besides these there are many more very interesting museums in Holland. Each town has a monument or museum in arts or crafts.

Tourist Guide Holland knows their way about Holland. Guide as well as art lover results in the ability to work anywhere on arts or crafts.
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