Jewish past Anne Frank

Amsterdam is the center of the persecution of jews during the Second World War

Amsterdam involuntarily became the centre of the persecution of Jews due to the fact that before the Second World War 10% of its inhabitants were of Jewish decent.

How many people of the Jewish community were deported?

Almost 95% (100,000 persons) was put on transport by train to the concentration camps in Poland and Germany.

Anne Frank is the story of the 14-year old Jewish girl

A girl and her family that originated from Germany. Only her father, Otto Frank, survived the camp. Anne, a 14-year old, kept a diary. In this diary she spoke of her everyday life. She was finally betrayed at the very end of the war. She was taken from the Achterhuis and died in camp Bergen Belsen.

Miep Gies, one of the co-workers, gave the diary to Otto Frank and stressed to publicize it as a historical document. In wasn’t until 1960 that the hiding place, the Achterhuis, was opened as a museum. At present over a million of people visit the museum annually.

One of the gripping quotes from her diary has also been written on the wall in the Anne Frank house.

Anne: “I will not remain unknown. I will work in the world and for the people (April 11th 1944).

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