A day on the battlefields

Program a dag on the battlefields with Guide Jan from Tourist Guide Holland.

8.30 hrs. Departure to Nijmegen. Via Den Bosch we drive respectively over the bridge over the Maas and the bridge over the Waal and finally the John Foster bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem. The large part of this route is called “the route to Hell” when the allied forces tried to liberate the Netherlands from the Nazis. We visit the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek that relates about the English history hhp://en.airbornemuseum.nl Afterwards we visit a British memorial cemetery in Oosterbeek.

During the drive your Tourist Guide Holland guide will tell you the details and the history.

13.00 hrs. Lunch in Mook

14.00 hrs. After lunch we drive to an American War museum in Groesbeek through Kleve in Germany. There we will see an overview of the American fights and conquests in the Second World War during Operation Market Garden.

16.00 hrs. End of the tour

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