Traditions with guide Jan

The Netherlands have a lot of traditions which have to do with our sence of freedom

Memorial Day

On the 4 of May we remember the diseased all over the world during Worl War II and other war acts we where involved in. The King and Queeen, the government and othes put a reave near the monument at dam square.   On may 5 it is Liberation day.


In June the first new herrings are brought to land in Scheveningen.

De Gay Parade,

In August the Gay Parade takes place on boats in the canals of Amsterdam, an example of the liberal Netherlands where everyone has the same rights regardless their religion, gender or sexual preference.


The arrival of St Nicolaes in November and his birthday on December 5th with presents and typical Dutch candy (pepernoten, marzipan, chocolates) is celebrated by many families.

Old and New,

The start of the New Year is widely celebrated with lots of fireworks, always a big national outdoor party with fireworks in every village or town.


is the national sport. We dress up in orange clothes. This is also the case for skating championships.

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