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Dutch highlights on food and drink

Where does the Dutchman eat real Dutch food?

The Dutchman eats that at home with his mum (beef stew). You can only rarely find beef stew on the menu in restaurants. 4 in the whole of Amsterdam. Try raw herring, mini-pancakes, jenever, liquorice, syrup waffles, Indonesian food. You should actually have tried everything once in your life.

Appetizer croquets (small balls) and croquets, be sure not to miss them.

Or the fries, chips or Flemish fries, as the Hollander calls them. To rinse it all down we use jenever, liqueurs or beer. Of this brew, the beers, there are many to be tasted locally. The real Dutchman is known to drink a chaser: beer quickly followed by a glass of jenever. This is called a kopstoot (knock on the head, wonder why).

Indonesian food (rice table)

Is something really Dutch, also originating from its colonial history. 20 or more different dishes on the table in front of you at the same time. Sateh (skewered meat) with peanut sauce is sure to be one of them. The Hague is the foremost Indonesian centre.

For the lover of chocolate and bonbons there are also opportunities. Even making them yourself.

For all of the above Tourist Guide Holland can arrange tastings or tasting events. You can also dine Indonesian, we know the best places.
Holland you taste by tasting Dutch delicacies.
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