Dutch Icons with guide Jan?

  • clog production,
  • cheesemaking,
  • our waterways,
  • polders
  • canals,
  • flowers, tulips
  • cows
  • herring tasting
  • Delft blue

The Dutch eat raw fish, herring. Lots of milkproducts, because we have millions of cows. The land is to wet for somthing else. It is so wet because of the battle against water. The land is below sea level. This food production and battle against water is actually even connectet with each other. A lot of Dutch do not even know this.

Clogs are used in the shed when milking the cows. A clog is cheap and it can risist heavy cows and menure. To keep warm feet wear clogs with thick socks.

What is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands?

The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces. Holland consists of only 2: North and South Holland. Amsterdam lies in North Holland and North Holland lies in the Netherlands. In the provinces of North and South Holland the main large cities can be found, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. The rest of the Netherlands has a lot to offer too with smaller towns and villages.

Sightseeing tours taste the highlights and learn more about the Dutch

Your Tourist Guide Holland guide can take you on a sightseeing tour and show and let you taste all the highlights. Afterwards you will know the difference between the Hollander and Netherlander, the Amsterdammer and Rotterdammer. Holland is well-known for its mills, tulips, clogs, cows and cheese, which will all be part of the guided sightseeing tour.

Tourist Guide Holland offers sightseeing tours on each of these highlights, during which the highlight is either the focus point or just part of the tour. That is up to you.

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