Utrecht oldest city of the Netherlands

Next to Nijmegen one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands, dating from and 1400 and older. Centre of Christianity the start of Christianity in the Netherlands. The first Bishop Willibrord started his task here. And Utrecht provided the world with the first Dutch Pope Adrianus.  There is a large number of Churches to be found in the inner-city of Utrecht the so called church cross to be seen on the map of Utrecht. The De Dom tower from Utrecht can be seen on the Adoration of the Lamb by Van Eyck on the Altarpiece in Gent in Belgium.

Wat is special in Utrecht are the cellars and arches near the canals Utrecht like Amsterdam has. There is a high road and a low road next to the canals, because Utrecht has to deal with flooding’s in the old times.

In one of the James movies Utrecht canals where the set.

The highest tower of the Nederlands is Dom tower.

Dome tower is 112 meters high and can be found in the middle of the old inner city. The dome can be climbed during our city tour by foot. The whole inner-city is car free. Amsterdam can be seen from the tower when the weather is okay

The Museum Het Catherijenconvent has a beautiful collection Art from the Middle      Ages on  from churches so called church art http://www.catharijneconvent.nl/

Rietveld Schroderhouse can be visited

Modernarchitecture Icon on the Unesco World Heritage list because it is so special. See how Miss Schroder lived in the house with here three kids. Extremely modern in 1924 and a lot like the zigzag chair stil can be bougth and seen as modern furniture

There is a Nijntje museum. Miffy in English. Dick Bruna his creator kame from   Utrecht.

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