City tour Volendam with Guide Jan

Volendam is “the” tourist fishing village of Holland.

Volendam is a catholic village and lies under the smoke of Amsterdam. It is hometown to music called eel sound, very Dutch pop with famous artists as The Cats, BZN, Jan Smit, Nick en Simon.  On the dyke you can buy any Dutch souvenir you can possibly think of. With a city tour on foot with Guide Jan you will see all of it.

You can have your picture taken in traditional Volendam costume.

Eating Fish

Eating fish like Kibbeling backed white fish we call it, on the dyke is enjoyable and a walk along the very well-kept houses with their curtains shipshape is very enjoyable too.

People from outside Volendam are called “coats” in their Volendam dialect, most probably because fishermen didn’t wear coats with their traditional costumes.

Tourist Guide Holland offers a city walk in Volendam. You get some insight in the very intimate community Volendam really is.
Wish to know more or wish to do a walking tour in Volendam? Get in touch with Tourist Guide Holland.

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