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What happened during the storm of 1953?

There was an enormous flood disaster in the province of Zealand. 2,800 people lost their lives and thousands became homeless. This we never wanted to happen again, so the Delta law was accepted in 1958. The Delta works provided closure of the sea arms between the islands with dykes.

Which flood barrier was the first one?

This was the barrier at the Hollandsche IJssel near Rotterdam in 1957. 1,5 mllion people are safe now to prevent a tidal wave to come into the river from the seaside. Normaly two big doors are open. But in case of extreem weather conditions the doors can be closed

The Ooster Schelde barrier 1986

The Ooster Schelde barrier (1986) is the most spectacular work. In case of emergency 67 barriers are let down. The sea is thus kept out. This barrier was closed for the first time in 1986. After that in total 9 times. The computer disides when after 3.4 meter above the level this barrier is closed

Some Ooster Schede Barrier Facts:

  • The barrier has 65 Pilons built in the middle of the Sea.
  • Every Pilon is between 30 or 40 Meters high a building of 10 stories, weighs max 18.000 tons
  • Made from concrete. Inside empty and after production and putting in place filled with sand.  Between the pilons revolving doors.
  • These doors are 42 Meter long, and differ in hight between 6 en 12 Meters. The weight each door is between 260 en 480 Tons.
  • The movement every door is by two hydrolic cylinders. Closing takes 82 Minuts.
  • The Dam has been closed since 1989  9 times because of bad weather. 2007 together with Maeslandkering und Thamesbarier im Flut Theems in London

The Maeslant barriers (1997) is the latest work of art.

Two floating doors (each door as big as the Eiffel tower) close off the New Waterway at Rotterdam. the movie giant structures pictures the situation how it is in Rotterdam and gives facts and figures

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