Touring the Netherlands with your 6th sense: DOING

DOING on a tour of Tourist Guide Holland means that  you and your visitors are actively taking part in the activities

By Tourist Guide Holland we like it that your guests are active and particpate. So the end result is a better tour for everyone.

Multimedia and this time demand a different approach.

Multimedia and this day and age demand a different approach especially with younger people. Taking information stimuli to a different level every time. Levels that follow each other up in a rapid speed. That is what the customer wants. The guests of Tourist Guide Holland inform us that our approach is greatly appreciated.

Guided Tours question and answer game. 

Guided sightseeing tours become a question and answer game.  The audience responds to what is being offered.

The guest has the feeling the guide is only there for him or her. A guide must be able to switch quickly on both level and subject to keep the group captivated.

Guiding is always about the group as well as the individual experience

Guiding is always about the group as well as the individual experience. It is not a classroom setting, that is a matter of “have to”.  Marvelling at this world and experiencing it, that is what Tourist Guide Holland wants to offer their visitors. Doing it yourself heightens the experience.

Tourist Guide Holland offers tours in which DOING things actively plays a central role, for example bicycle tours.

Click here for Video 4 days cycling in the “Groene Hart” from Delft August 2015

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