Touring the Netherlands with your 6th sense: HEARING.

In the streets we hear a barrel organ, a cycle bell, screaming market vendors or chiselling stonemasons. Sounds that are part of everyday life.

An Organ concert

On the subject of hearing: The Netherlands is full of the best church organs in the world. Tourist Guide Holland can arrange an organ concert for you, for example on the Muller organ in the Bavo in Haarlem, the home of arts. The Bavo is the most famous organ of the Netherlands and perhaps of the world. G.F. Handel played on it in 1740 and again in 1750. He planed even a detour on his journey to play on the organ. Mozart played the organ in 1766 when he was 10 years old.

A carillon Amsterdam alone has 6

A carillon can be found in almost every town in the Netherlands. Amsterdam alone has 6. The finest is that of the Grote Kerk in Delft, the Stradivarius of the carillons. Het chimes of the Westerkerk in Amsterdam are also very well-known. Anne Frank wrote about the chimes of the Westertoren in her diary.

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