Touring the Netherlands with your 6th sense: TASTING.

“What do you Hollanders eat?” is a much asked question.

Answer: Almost everything and from almost everywhere in the world.

The Dutch cuisine is vegetables, meat and potatoes

Food that has been spiced since the Golden Age with nutmeg, bay leaf, pepper or cloves. Liquorice, jenever, liqueur, beer, croquets, mini-pancakes, speculaas and cheese are also typically Dutch food and drink.

King William and his Wife Mary and gin go together

King William and his wife Mary introduced this jenever to the United Kingdom. There it is called gin. You know of the gin & tonic.

Raw herring

To eat raw herring you will have to overcome something, if you are not used to it. The production and preservation of herring is a Dutch invention

Strong coffee taste

Our coffee taste is also rather strong for foreigners. Especially nowadays with the Italian expresso that has become the norm.

Dutch Cheese something special

Tasting Dutch cheese is what we do a lot during our guided visits to the cheese farm. We like to fit tasting experiences in your sightseeing tour. To foreigners they are very enjoyable and interesting.

Tasting and tasting events are always put on the programme by Tourist Guide Holland during a walking or city tour as an interesting and pastime component.

Imagine having a pancake or mini-pancake for lunch. Or imagine a visit to an Indonesian restaurant, a chocolate or jenever tasting event or cheese makers in the day programme.

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