Touring the Netherlands with your 6th sense: FEELING.

You feel with your hands.

We always want to touch things, even though it is often not allowed. Many craftsmen have developed a very special  feeling that they use in their trade. They can often tell you about it lovingly.

Stonemasonry requires a certain feeling

With every chisel you make a stonecutter has to pay attention how to do it Uses its senses to decide how much presure he gives . Just like blacksmiths or glassblowers have to do their work with special skills and feeling. Stonemasons apply all sorts of surface techniques. A matt brushed slab feels very different to a polished one.

Every human being touches sufaces

Every human being touches the surfaces he or she passes by. Rough walls, smooth metal surfaces, rough streets with cobblestones, your balance on a bicycle all things that have to do with feeling. The clothes we want to buy, we feel them. We always want to touch things, even flowers to see whether they are real.

Tourist Guide Holland offers guided sightseeing tours in which FEELING plays a central role.

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