Touring the Netherlands with your 6th sense: SEEING

Seeing artworks, we see them. Rembrandt or Van Gogh tried to let us see things, scenes. Van Gogh, inspirered by the painting the Magere Compagnie from Frans Hals, said: “I would spent a year of my life geven to understand how Frans Hals painted that orange sash.” Rembrandt painted his own face 400 times.

What do I see and how do I manage to paint it? Only artists wonder about this.

A guide that was educated in art and tried his hand at it too, will explain all about the arts to you and point out the interesting details. You will be able enjoy it more then.

We can even perform a lecture on several art topics before you enter the museum. We do this already for years for the Road Scholar group

What do I see and what does it represents.

In the street you can also see many works of art. You will get the chance to look through the eyes of the guide that will accompany you. You will see so much more than with a general glance. A guide who can also let you “see” architecture amongst others the cube houses and modern art.

Tourist Guide Holland offers guided tours with the theme SEEING.
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